Kinesiology represents an holistic method of healthcare and wellness that utilises muscle monitoring to ask questions and "talk" directly to the body to measure the body’s responsiveness to these questions and challenges.

Kinesiology applies to some degree the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chiropractic in assessing the body's ability to operate via the connection between different muscles in our bodies and the inter-relationship of each muscle to particular energetic channels (meridians in TCM speak) within our body.

When a specific muscle responds relatively weakly in answer to a specific challenge or question asked of it by the Kinesiologist, then an imbalance has been exposed and the suitable corrections are utilised to re-establish equilibrium and harmony in the body.

If the body gets re-balanced sufficiently, then the muscle, that a moment ago showed as being weak, should immediately show normal strength and an ability to "lock" in place when tested by the Kinesiologist.



Through utilising muscle testing, the Kinesiologist cannot only ascertain specifically where imbalances are taking place and what corrections are required to adjust those imbalances, they can additionally work out the priority and sequence the corrections need to be made. In determining a prioritized sequence of corrections, a domino affect is produced with the most responsible issues being targeted initially providing more profound change to come about in a fashion that's more ecological (faster and gentler) for the patient.

Kinesiology employs an extensive array of powerful yet delicate techniques of correcting and rebalancing that are appropriate to restoring the body to a state of physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

It's said that the body does not lie and we can exploit the inborn truthfulness of the body with Kinesiology.

Frequently with difficult areas in our lives we're not always consciously mindful of the reasons why we experience the life challenges we do. In these instances simply asking someone what the difficulties are may not always generate the most valuable and useful information.

Through asking the body directly with muscle monitoring, the Kinesiologist will discover the main contributing components through taking away either conscious or subconscious "blocking" by the patient. (Irrespective if this blocking is intentional withholding or merely attempting to please the therapist).

There arenumerous distinct styles of Kinesiology today. Many work with mainly emotional and psychological imbalances. Different systems are fundamentally structural in their methodology, working principally with bones, muscles and connective tissue to restore harmony within thebody.

Under the fairly large umbrella term of "Kinesiology" exists many methods and systems of healing that have their own unique philosophical roots and technical strategies.

Irrespective of the specific approach used by the specific system of kinesiology, the principle remains the same. Ask the body what it needs to return to a state of wellbeing through the use of muscle testing and then give it what it needs.


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